Cooking with Brunslo!

Loren loves to cook. Every time I mention anything about being hungry, he’s all, “Ryan! Let me cook you a meal! It’ll be delicious!” Which is cool when I’ve got, like, four hours to spare, but not so cool when I’m actually hungry and want to eat right away.

About eight months ago, a few weeks before we filmed Big Damn Heroes, Loren, Felicity, Andy and myself were sitting around watching Battlestar Galactica and we decided we were hungry. Loren flipped out and was all, “Hey guys! Let me cook you a meal! It’ll be delicious!” and for some reason we bought it. Of course, I had no food in my apartment, so we had to go to the grocery store. Then Loren had to figure out how to cook a stir-fry, which he had apparently never done before. It ended up taking four or five hours.

I filmed the whole thing, of course, but by the time we were done I was so full of hate that I just let the footage sit for eight months while I recovered. Yesterday I finally decided to dig it up and do something with it.

Watch above in standard quality, or click here for HD.