Big Damn Heroes

Let me tell you a story about a man named Loren. Last month, when Felicity and I got tickets to the Portland Serenity screening and Loren didn’t, Loren was very unhappy. He was even more unhappy when he couldn’t get tickets to the screening that took place last Thursday. He made a valiant attempt to buy tickets on eBay but, sadly, Loren is not made of money and when the auction went north of $50, he threw in the towel.

As a last resort, he decided to go sit in front of the theatre and beg for tickets. He figured there was a chance he’d get in, and in any case it’d be fun. Andy, who was also dying to see Serenity, joined him, and I went along (with my trusty video camera) to document the event.

None of us were prepared for what happened. This is the story of how three humble dorks and a mysterious stranger became Big Damn Heroes.

Watch above in standard quality, or click here for HD.