You got grammar

It's tax season again, which means it's time for my yearly visit to the H&R Block website. This year I was greeted by H&R Block's new slogan: "When you got H&R Block, you got people."

What. The fuck.

"When you got H&R Block, you got people." I shit you not, that's their actual slogan, plastered all over their goddamn website. These tardbuckets can't even grammar-check their corporate slogan and they expect me to trust their tax advice? What the hell happened to the world when I wasn't looking?

Take a look at their Canadian website. Their slogan? "Reuniting Canadians with their money." Simple, professional, grammatically correct. How about their Spanish website? My high school Spanish is pretty rusty, but it looks like the slogan is something to the effect of "Harvest that which you sow. That is the commitment of the green square." A little odd, but grammatically correct as far as I can tell.

Apparently what H&R Block is trying to say is that we Americans are a bunch of dumbfucks. Thanks guys. "You got people." Forsooth!