You know how, when something really incredible happens to you that you had always sort of dreamed about but never thought would actually happen, there’s this adjustment period where it just doesn’t feel real? And you feel pretty much the same as you always did, but then occasionally the full realization of what’s happened hits you, just for a minute or two, and leaves you kind of stunned? That’s how the last few weeks have been for me.

I’ve accepted a job at Yahoo! as a Senior Web Developer on the Yahoo! Search team. In the coming weeks, Felicity and I will be leaving the drizzly Pacific Northwest and moving down to sunny Santa Clara, California. We’re both pretty excited.

I remember a conversation Felicity and I had a few years ago when I was feeling depressed about my job at the time, which was pretty boring and unfulfilling. She asked me what company I would want to work for if I could work for any company in the world, and I told her I’d want to work for Yahoo! because it seemed like a really fun place to work.

When I tore open the purple box containing my official offer letter and it actually yodeled at me, I knew I had made the right choice.