Window destroys door; wonko forced to exercise

Yesterday morning I woke up bleary eyed and mad at the world. In an attempt to improve my day slightly, I drove to work with the windows down and the cool spring air whipping through my hair (or what little hair I have left, anyway). When I got to work, I rolled the windows up, hopped out of the car, and found that my door wouldn’t close.

Closer examination revealed that my window had rolled itself up too much, so when I tried to close the door, the window just bounced off the frame. I rolled it down and back up. Same thing. Rolled it down, closed the door, and rolled it up; this created a nice big gap between the door and the window. Rolled it down again, and then it stopped working. It was completely stuck. I couldn’t even force it up manually. So I gathered up my valuables and headed for the office, hoping nobody would try to steal my poor crippled car.

I called the Subaru dealer and got an afternoon appointment to have them look at the window. When I dropped it off, they said they’d need it for a few hours, so I walked back to work (a mile or two) in the rain. That evening, the dealership called and said the damage was extensive; the motor for the power window had utterly destroyed the innards of the door before dying. The car needed to go to the body shop, they said, and it’d be ready tomorrow. Luckily, I work and live near the light-rail line, so I was able to take the MAX home.

Today I rode the MAX to work and walked to lunch. I could learn to enjoy the walking if it didn’t waste so much time. I got a call from the dealership again this afternoon saying that the body shop was taking longer than they had expected, so the car won’t be ready until tomorrow at the earliest.

I miss it already.