When Not to Use YUI

YUIConf 2012 is coming up in Santa Clara on November 14th and 15th. I usually avoid public speaking like the plague, but this time there’s something I really want to talk about: When Not to Use YUI.

I’ll provide code samples and real-world anecdotes to illustrate how to decide when to use YUI, when to use vanilla JavaScript, when to consider other libraries, and what the tradeoffs are in terms of performance and maintainability. Advice will range from simple rules of thumb to more nuanced discussion of complex architectural decisions, with examples drawn from my time working on YUI at Yahoo! and using YUI at SmugMug.

Come see the fireworks in the main room at 9AM on Thursday, November 15th!

Update, 2012-11-15: Here are the slides from my talk. This was a talk in which the slides served mainly as background to me saying stuff, so keep an eye out for the video as well, which I’ll post as soon as it’s available.

Update, 2012-11-30: The video of my talk is now available. The slides in the video were apparently captured with some kind of crufty VGA capture hardware that made them look muddy and dark, so you may want to follow along with the slide deck if you care about that sort of thing.