What's with all the blurry license plates?

Identity theft is rampant here on the Intertron, so I can understand why some people would rather not post their personal information online, but why is it that whenever some dork posts a picture of a car, they almost always go to the trouble of blurring the license plate first?

I don't know too many people who put their credit card or social security numbers on their license plates. What's the point of obscuring your license plate number? You drive around with the thing in full public view all the time, don't you? What is it about the spooky ol' Intertron that scares people into thinking they need to keep their license plates hidden? In theory, only cops and other folks with access to DMV databases can get any useful information out of your license number, and even if some naughty person manages to get their hands into the DMV's files, what are they gonna do? Make prank calls? Send you junk mail?

Me, I like to live dangerously. My license plate number is 285-BZZ. Here's a lovely photo of one of my credit cards. Now let's see how long it takes for Uncle Intertron to steal my identity.