Webcams and eyeballs

My eyeball, circa August, 2000.

As webcams have become more and more popular, I’ve noticed a distinct trend: No matter who they are, new webcam owners always, always, without fail, take a close-up picture of one or more of their eyeballs within their first week of webcam ownership.

I’m guilty of this myself. I bought my first webcam several years ago. Shortly after hooking it up, I was looking around for things to take pictures of and suddenly I thought to myself, “Oh my God. I have a wonderful idea. I’ll take a picture of my eyeball. It’ll be a brilliant piece of art, because the webcam is an eye into my world, and it’s taking a picture of my eye! I am such a genius!” No doubt every other webcam owner experienced a similar line of thought.

Some webcam owners continue to take pictures of their eyeballs at semi-regular Someone else's eyeball.intervals, which is odd because eyeballs really don’t change that much over time. No doubt there is a webcam owner somewhere who takes pictures of nothing but his or her own eyeballs. Perhaps webcams should come with a disclaimer that says, “Do not take a picture of your eyeball. That is stupid.”

I still think my webcam eyeball picture was better than everyone else’s, though.