Todo: A cure for procrastination?

After trying in vain to keep track of a massive collection of “to do” items hastily scrawled in a notebook during meetings at work, I felt the need for a small, simple application for managing a task list. Thus, Todo was born.

Todo lets you organize a near-infinite number of tasks into a near-infinite number of categories. Each task can have a name and a description of any length, as well as a due date, completion status, and priority. The task list can be sorted by any of these fields, and tasks are color-coded based on their completion status. Unless you tell it otherwise, Todo will notify you whenever you have tasks due within the next hour or when a task is overdue. The task list and all application settings are stored in a simple XML file in the Todo directory, which can be copied to other machines to allow you to keep your task list with you wherever you go.

Oh yeah, and it’s free. Enjoy.