The Zutons; The Secret Machines; Medeski, Martin & Wood

Okay, since we can’t be snobs about listening to Kasabian, here are three bands we can be snobby about:

They’ve all been around a while, and I’m sure they’ve all gotten radio play, but they ain’t no Britney Spearses.

The Zutons have a very 60s rock feel—damn good 60s rock—with a refreshingly complex yet natural sound. They don’t take themselves too seriously, which makes the music just plain fun.

The Secret Machines are approximately what you’d get if you combined the best bits of Led Zeppelin, U2, and Alanis Morissette. No, really. I’m serious.

Medeski, Martin & Wood are a different kettle of fish. Their exact style is almost impossible to pin down, especially since they’re always trying new things. Their latest album, End of the World Party (Just in Case), is groovy, funky electro-jazz that manages to be ear-candy without being unsophisticated or overproduced.