The Pie Trip: Planning Stages

I’ve owned for years now, and I’ve never done a single thing with it. If all goes according to plan, that will change in August.

Here’s how you can help. On August 11, Brunslo and I will plant our bums in my car and embark on a five-day road trip. We won’t be going anywhere in particular. The only thing we’ll be doing, for five entire days, is eating pie. Obviously we’re not going to bake five days worth of pie and stick it in a picnic basket, so what we need from you are locations of good pie houses, bakeries, grandmothers, pretty much any place that serves delicious pie worthy of a visit from yours truly. Ideally, these places should be within a state or two of Oregon. Washington works, northern California might work, even Idaho could be doable if we hurry. Not all at once, though. Canada is right out, because we don’t have passports. Plus, what do Canadians know about pie? Ha!

If you’ve ever eaten pie in the western United States, tell us where you ate it and how good it was. If your description manages to pique our interest, we’ll go there, eat pie, document the experience, and credit you with the find. Maybe you’ll read your name on Maybe you’ll even see your name in a video. Who knows?

And, since you can only eat so many slices of pie in a day, we also need fun roadside attractions to visit. We’ve gotta work off all that pie weight somehow. Don’t let us down. We need your knowledge. Help us help you. You know you want to.

Update: Oh yes, we also need open wi-fi networks so we can get our daily bit fix. Thanks.