The Mystery of Half Ass Road

According to some old Google Maps data I saw a while back, this road is called Half Ass Road. Judging by the satellite image, it looks like a tiny little dirt or gravel road that goes from nowhere to nowhere. What is its purpose? Why is it called Half Ass Road? What treasures lie hidden at that ominous dead end?

Last Friday, as my maiden voyage in the new WRX, I made a valiant attempt to find Half Ass Road. Unfortunately, the GPS wasn't aware that there's a locked gate right here which blocks access to the final section of the journey. I drove around for a while looking for alternate routes, but I wasn't having any luck and the locals were starting to give me the stinkeye, so I gave up and went home.

Luckily, I've just discovered how to use the "detour" feature of my GPS, which has revealed a possible alternate route. I'll make another attempt tonight. With any luck, the secret of Half Ass Road will soon be revealed. Stay tuned.

Update #1: Looks like someone else noticed Half Ass Road back in 1991. They also noticed a bogus city named Timbuktu, which is near Goback Road. I've added Timbuktu and Goback Road to my list of waypoints for the journey this evening.

To jump or not to jump? Update #2: The mystery is still a mystery. I spent the better part of three hours driving around on haggard dirt roads in the hills, stopping frequently to move large rocks out of the road, yet at every turn there was either a dead end or a locked gate blocking the way to Half Ass Road. At one point, the only thing between me and the finish line was a big mound of dirt and a three foot wide ditch that had been dug across the road. I considered jumping it Dukes of Hazzard style, but decided I was way too mature to do something like that.

I haven't given up. There's still one direction from which I haven't approached yet. I still have hope.