The glasses, they do nothing!

When I was a wee lad, I had perfect vision. I could spot a flea on the nose of a bumblebee at half a mile. When the school nurse lined everyone up once a year and gave us all vision tests I used to pretend to have difficulty reading some of the letters just to avoid embarrassing my classmates, and she still told me I had 20/20 vision.

My vision has been getting steadily worse since then. A few years ago I finally got glasses and was amazed at how much clearer everything was. The optometrist told me that my right eye was horizontally elongated while my left eye was vertically elongated. No matter, the glasses fixed that right up...for a while.

Within a year, my vision was totally sucktastic again, even with the glasses. Finally, about six months ago, I dragged myself back the optometrist and got a new prescription, and everything was perfectly clear again...for a while.

The other day while I was browsing the web, the vision in my left eye got blurry. Click! Just like that. One second it was fine, the next it was blurry. I figured I was just getting sleepy or something, but no. It stayed like that. It's still blurry. Aren't these things supposed to happen gradually?

At this rate, I'll be legally blind by the time I'm 30.