The Flickr API hates me

My Flickr API key stopped working a week or two ago. API calls just return an error message saying "Invalid API Key (Key has expired)". That's why there hasn't been a new picture on the photoblog in forever. Flickr's API key status page says my key is still valid and active. I've even created a new key, but it gets the same error.

I wrote about this in Flickr's FlickrBugs forum and got just one response, which is from someone having the same problem. Google searches turn up a few other people having the problem, but not recently, and I have no idea whether (or how) their problems were resolved. Has anyone else had this problem? What did you do to solve it? Does Flickr even care?

If this doesn't get fixed soon, I'm going to have to ditch using Flickr for the photoblog and go back to my old custom setup.

Update: A friendly Flickr employee was awesome enough to drop by and solve the problem (see the comments for details). Turns out the third-party Flickr.rb library I'm using has a bug and is sending its own (expired) API key instead of my active key. Not Flickr's fault at all. Thanks kellan!