Temperature regulation

Thermostat Every apartment I've ever lived in has had these scary little heaters built into the walls that make me wonder why more apartment buildings don't burn down. They're always in the least-convenient places, right where you want to put a nice big flammable piece of furniture or your collection of [No, I don't actually have a collection of either, but if I did I would totally store them in the same place.|illegal fireworks and leaky aerosol cans].

Even worse, they're always connected to a crappy thermostat that uses some mysterious temperature scale they never taught us in school. On this scale, the number 50 represents the average winter temperature at the south pole, while the number 60 represents the average temperature on Venus. Just above 60 is the "Comfort Zone", which is what you set it to when your oven is broken and you want to make a pot roast.

I've heard rumors of a mystical setting a few microns above 50 that's actually comfortable, but after years of experimentation, I have yet to find it.