Team Fortress 2: still vaporware

Hey Valve, guess what I'm doing right now? That's right: not playing the Team Fortress 2 beta. Can you guess why I'm not playing Team Fortress 2 beta, Valve? Because you haven't released it yet, that's why. Can you guess what I've been doing since Team Fortress 2 was announced back in 1999? Yep: not playing Team Fortress 2.

Something tells me I'm going to continue not playing Team Fortress 2, in spite of the promises that I'd have it today if I shelled out my $44.95 a little early.

Update: 12:04am PDT and everyone who preordered and preloaded TF2 has discovered that, even after Valve finally activated the game with 10 minutes to spare, it does nothing but crash a few seconds after launching. Way to tease your customers until the last minute and then poke them in the eye with a sharp stick, Valve.

Update 2: Finally got to play the game. Is it hilariously fun? Yes. Was it worth $44.95? Hell yes. Was it worth an 8-year wait? Um, no.