Take my government. Please.

Either the world has always been this way and I’m just becoming more aware of it, or the planet has suddenly taken a sharp turn towards absurdity.

With both Afghanistan and Iraq still reeling from our “noble” (and still nowhere near complete) attempts to overthrow their governments and shove democracy down their throats, President Bush is now making noise about knocking Castro out of power and bringing democracy to Cuba. Now here’s a novel concept! I bet nobody’s ever thought of this before!

When Cuba’s top diplomat in the US says something like “[Bush should] stop acting like a lawless cowboy [and] start listening to the voices of the nations of the world,” and I find myself agreeing with him, you know there’s got to be something wrong.

Bush likes baseball, right? So let’s create a baseball analogy that maybe he’ll be able to understand. America desperately needs to hit a home run. If we don’t hit one soon, we’re going to start a huge downward spiral that will lose us the game. Somehow, we’ve managed to coax the pitcher into throwing two pitches before the first one has even reached the plate. Now we’re trying to get him to throw another pitch, with the other two still in midair. We’ve pretty much decided now that the first two will have to be bunts, but that last one, boy, we’ll sure knock it out of the park, you can bet your ass on that.

It’s one thing to help an oppressed country overthrow an evil dictator. It’s another thing entirely to knock the dictator out of power and then throw some money at the newly dictator-less country and hope things sort themselves out. We still haven’t finished with Afghanistan and Iraq. Cuba hasn’t hurt anyone but themselves for over 40 years. Maybe we should finish what we’ve started before starting something altogether more challenging?