Switching Portlands

Last October, Felicity and I moved back to Portland, Oregon, our home of many years. We had been longing for the Pacific Northwest’s cold winter air and constant drizzly greyness since moving to California, and it felt wonderful to be home again.

Over the long winter, though, our joy gradually diminished. We were snowed in for much of December, and the permanent overcast and unavoidable moistening upon venturing outdoors have really been getting us down. At times, we’ve wondered if we would ever see the sun again, or experience the glorious feeling of our skin gently baking in a dry heat.

That’s why, after a lot of careful planning and consideration, we’ve decided to move to Portland, New South Wales. We’ll swap drizzle for sunshine and America for Australia, but without having to leave Portland behind. And, as a bonus, we’ll be just a few hours drive from our dear friends Loren and Caitlin.

I’ll continue working for Yahoo! remotely just as before, but now I’ll be one day ahead due to the time difference, which means I’ll hear the latest Microsoft takeover rumors a day before everyone else.