On Sunday we awoke to find our neighborhood buried under several inches of freshly fallen snow, a once-a-year occurrence in the Portland area. Naturally, I couldn’t resist rushing outside to snap photos.Front steps and driveway of our house, covered in snow

The snow continued to fall most of Sunday and remained on Monday. The sun returned, but temperatures stayed below freezing and the top layers of snow melted by the sun mostly turned into ice. Neighborhood children designated our driveway a sledding zone.

Tuesday saw the emergence of hungry critters eager to feast on the insects and worms chilled and exposed by the melting snow, including an opportunistic squirrel who scurried down from the treetops to seize an unguarded persimmon. He proceeded to devour his prize from a safe vantage point, seemingly unconcerned by my paparazzic invasion of his privacy.

Weather reports call for more snow tomorrow and this weekend, possibly lasting until Christmas Day or even longer, which would make this the longest stretch of snowy weather I’ve seen in over ten cumulative years of living in Portland. Looks like we moved back just in time.