Silly questions relating to air travel

I’m back in North Carolina. The trip is going much more smoothly so far.

I’ve been traveling by air pretty regularly ever since I was a wee little girl, and there are a few things that have always puzzled me (which I mention now only because they’re fresh on my mind after today’s trip):

  1. What is it that makes people drink tomato juice on planes? You don’t hear people ordering tomato juice in restaurants, but on planes, people drink it all the time. Today I even found that I had a sudden craving for tomato juice, which hasn’t happened before.
  2. Why do they put ice in tomato juice? Watered down tomato juice is disgusting.
  3. When flight attendants pop the tab on a soda can, how come they never finish the job? They always just pop it up and leave it sticking up in the air instead of pushing it back down like most people do. Is this something they learn at flight attendant school?
  4. When a flight attendant asks me if I’d like something to drink, why do they always look taken aback when I say “Yes, I’d like a Coke please”? Do I not look like the sort of person who would drink Coke on an airplane?
  5. How is it that a flight attendant can spend five minutes helping the guy in front of me return his seat to its full upright and locked position and then completely ignore the fact that I’m reclining happily at a 45 degree angle? They never ask me to put my seat up. Or to fasten my seat belt. Are they trying to kill me, maybe?