Sidekick app #2: Alarm Clock

One application sorely missing from the default set of apps on the Sidekick is a simple alarm clock. Sure, there’s a calendar application that can be used as an alarm clock in a pinch, but it’s really too complex for a simple morning alarm. Since I depend on my phone to wake me up every morning, I wrote myself an alarm clock application, which I’ve dubbed (for reasons that I hope are obvious) “Alarm Clock”.

The more I develop for the Sidekick, the more I like it. Once you get the hang of the process, development goes very quickly. I can see why there’s such a large development community for this phone in spite of its closed nature.

Update: Stop asking for developer keys. Seriously. I cannot create a developer key for you and I will not give you mine. If you want an alarm clock and you don’t have a developer key, download Time Traveler from the catalog. Stop pestering me, you ignorant bastards.