Seven things

Goddammit. I was hoping to avoid having to post navel-gazing chain meme crap like this by not befriending other bloggers, but I guess I slipped up somewhere because I got tagged. Now there’s nothing left to do but grit my teeth, power through it, and then tag a bunch of other poor bastards in retribution.

Things you (probably) didn’t know about me

  1. I was named “Most likely to be the next Bill Gates” in my high school yearbook. Which could indicate either that people thought I was a huge dork, or that I would get crazy rich. I suspect it was the latter (thankfully), since, on Silly Awards Day at the end of my senior year, my homeroom teacher gave me the “Student whose Porsche I will most likely be washing in five years” award.
  2. Yearbook notwithstanding, my money management skills sucked so much after I moved out on my own that I occasionally went weeks without being able to buy food despite having a very nice salary. Eating cold spam with soy sauce because it’s the last food in the house and it’s a week to the next paycheck taught me valuable lessons about managing my spending. Being laid off when the first tech bubble burst taught me even more valuable lessons. Now I’m much smarter about what I do with my money. I still spend it on silly things, but only silly things I can afford.
  3. I was nearly run over by a dump truck. After saying “Oh shit” and then spending several seconds thinking, “Hey, I was right all along! My last words really did turn out to be ‘oh shit’!”, I realized I could avoid being run over by taking a few steps back. Which I did.
  4. As a wee lad, I was once a clothes model in a Japanese magazine. I’m pretty sure Mom still has copies of the magazine somewhere, which means the scans will eventually end up on Flickr or Facebook. At least I declined to model underwear, unlike my friend Dan.
  5. I was an extra in the Benicio Del Toro/Tommy Lee Jones flop The Hunted. I was working as a web developer for the movie’s extras casting director at the time, and he insisted that I spend a day as an extra so I’d understand the business. I was in two scenes: a wide shot of Benicio Del Toro’s standin riding a stolen bicycle across the grass in Portland’s Waterfront Park, and a close tracking shot in which Benicio himself shoves past me and some other park-goers as he runs from Tommy Lee Jones. The close shot didn’t make it into the movie, and in the wide shot I’m a blueish dot in the distance. By the way, if anyone ever asks you if you’d like to be an extra in a movie, kick them in the crotch and run away.
  6. My upper lip twitches involuntarily if I drop something I’m fiddling with, like a pencil. No idea why. It also happens if I see someone else do this. Even on TV. Even when I know it’s coming.
  7. Once I was eating in a diner and some dude dropped a spoon so I flipped out and killed the whole town. Oh wait, no, that wasn’t me. That was a ninja.

Who wants to know about me

Sara Golemon, my coworker and (when I’m actually in California) cube neighbor at Yahoo!.

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