I finally got around to rewriting my ancient Ruby blog engine in Node. You're looking at it. Say hello to Lectroid.

It's not that I've stopped liking Ruby or anything like that. But the old blog was a crufty and complex beast built on an old and defunct Ruby web framework and backed by an actual honest to god database (remember when blogs used databases?) and bogged down by features like comments (remember when blogs had comments?).

I dreaded writing blog posts because it meant typing them into that old complex beast I had created and no longer had any desire to maintain, and that meant seeing all the things about it that I hated, and that meant wanting to change them, and that led to depression because, seriously, who the fuck wants to maintain a goddamn blog engine? I sure don't.

But I want even less to use someone else's goddamn blog engine, so here we are.

The only thing special about Lectroid is that I don't yet hate it, and I've tried to build it in such a way that I'll hopefully be able to completely ignore it for years and years without it breaking.

It was also designed to allow me to host my blog on Heroku, which I'm now doing, as part of a gradual effort to stop maintaining my own server. We'll see how that goes.

Oh, and naturally I've taken the opportunity to redesign everything. There are these things called smartphones now, and also tablets, and these things have tiny little screens. This blog looks less shitty on them now.

Also I've increased the font size to, like, a million, because I'm getting old and my eyes don't work anymore.