Post CCXLVII, in which wonko confesses a secret crush on Rebecca Pidgeon

It’s surprising how difficult it is to guess someone’s tastes in the opposite sex. It doesn’t matter how well you know someone or how much he or she has told you about themselves regarding this very subject; I reckon that two times out of three, you’d still guess wrong. Perhaps as you get to know the person better, your guesses will improve, but you’ll never guess right all of the time.

Regardless of this, the knowledge of who a person is attracted to can speak volumes about that person.

If you had to choose a movie star who represented, to you, a perfect example of what you find attractive in the opposite sex, who would you choose?

Me? I’d choose Rebecca Pidgeon in The Spanish Prisoner or State and Main, but, oddly enough, not Rebecca Pidgeon in Heist. I suppose that says something about me, dunnit?