Pie Trip II: Pre-production

Pie Trip II is nearly upon us. As the trailer hinted, our primary destination this time is Wisconsin. Specifically: Oshkosh, where our friends Dan and Alison are getting themselves hitched. What the trailer failed to mention (because plans were only tentative at the time) is that, in true sequel fashion, we’ve upped the ante this time. We will have two full weeks with almost nothing to do but drive halfway across the country. We will really and truly (I promise) eat more than two pies. We will save valuable money by camping whenever possible instead of splurging on hotels. And to top it all off, we will be joined by Brunslo’s better (and far less hairy) half, Anna. No, not that Anna.

Leg one of the journey will be a fairly straight shot starting in Oregon around May 17th and crossing Washington, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, and Minnesota before finally arriving in Wisconsin on the 21st for the wedding. The return route has yet to be decided, but since we’ll have an entire week to kill before we need to be back in Portland, America is our oyster.

Just like last time, we’d love to hear your suggestions. Know of a good pie place between Portland and Oshkosh? Tell us! Better yet, do you live between Portland and Oshkosh? Will you make us pie? Can we sleep on your floor? In your back yard? In your driveway? We promise to make you famous on wonko.com. For free!