Pie trip canceled; help me save my vacation

Sigh. The pie trip has been canceled. Reed has informed Brunslo that they need him back early, which would cut our trip down from an already measly five days to an absolutely impossible three days. It’s a good thing I hadn’t had the t-shirts made yet.

I’m still taking the time off, though, and since the pie trip would be no fun alone, I need suggestions for what I should do on my vacation. I’ve got a fast car, a whole week to waste, and a couple hundred bucks to spare. What would you do in my shoes?

Update: If all goes according to plan (ha!), it looks like Brunslo, myself, and a special guest star will be salvaging the three days we have by embarking on a road trip to a to-be-determined location and wreaking as much havoc as possible en route. More later.