Nothing to write

Every day for the past month, I’ve looked at and thought to myself, “I should write something.” Sometimes I’ll sit and watch the cursor blink for a few minutes, trying to think of something to write, but nothing comes out. So I go off and do something else, and the blog stagnates.

I’d write about work, but the things that would be interesting to read about are probably things that I shouldn’t write about, and the things that I could write about wouldn’t be particularly interesting.

I’d write about life in the new house, but nothing terribly exciting is happening. Felicity’s been in Quebec with her grandma for the last two weeks, so Qubit and I have had the place to ourselves. There’s been lots of meowing and consumption of microwavable foodstuffs. That’s about it.

I’d write about politics, but there’s really no point these days, is there? Politics and religion are subjects worth discussing only with people who already share your opinions; everyone else is already convinced you’re wrong.

I’d write short stories, but that’s more Felicity’s territory. Wouldn’t want to step on her toes.

I’d write programming tutorials, but I haven’t got the patience. I love learning, but I hate teaching people.

I guess that’s the problem with having a blog about nothing in particular.