Nokia 6600 (or: the fruits of SMS spam)

I ended up buying a phone from Mr. Ross Howard yesterday. I even met the guy, and he didn’t have horns or a pointy tail!

I had been researching phones for a while. My Sidekick was nice when it worked, but it was working less and less, almost like the signal strength was degrading a little bit every day. Besides, ever since I dropped it while running through O’Hare airport, it’s had something rattling around inside it and the scroll wheel occasionally stops working.

Anyway, despite the fact that he made a terrible first impression by spamming me, Ross turned out to be a pretty cool guy, and the store’s location is convenient, so I dropped by and bought the phone.

While I was going through the process of changing service and paying and whatnot, another customer entered the store and asked about pricing on the Sidekick. Then he started asking what the reception was like. Ross said he wasn’t sure himself, but then he grinned real wide and motioned toward me and said, “This guy has one, though. Why don’t you ask him?”

I quickly summed up the facts in my head:

  1. I was, at that very moment, buying a new phone, at great expense, to replace my Sidekick.
  2. For the last few weeks I had been using my trusty old Nokia 3390 instead of my Sidekick, because the Sidekick’s utter lack of reception was just completely unbearable.
  3. I was not bound by any agreement, legal or implied, to lie to this customer.
  4. In spite of the spamming incident, Ross had turned out to be a nice guy and it would totally suck if I ruined this sale for him.

So I said something mostly harmless like, “Oh. Um, well, it’s okay I guess, as long as you’re in a populated area. Some places are more troublesome than others.”

Then the guy asked about roaming. He said he was about to take a road trip through the south and needed a reliable phone for the trip.

I couldn’t help it. I blurted out the truth: “Actually, I just took a road trip through the south. The reception was pretty spotty.”

Things got hazy then. Ross seemed to want to change the subject and I tried to backpedal so it didn’t sound so bad. I’m not sure whether or not he ended up buying the phone, but I kinda hope he didn’t. For his sake.

In any case, I’m mightily pleased with the Nokia 6600. It has pretty much all the Internet features of the Sidekick, plus a freaking video camera, Bluetooth, infrared, and an OS that you can write applications for and then actually use them on the device.

Also—and this is worth big, big points—the thing gets full reception at my house, which no other cell phone (least of all the Sidekick) has ever been able to do.