No DSL for me

After weeks of waiting on Speakeasy, Covad, and Verizon to get their shit together and activate my DSL, it has finally become apparent that I will not have DSL anytime soon.

A technician from Covad showed up yesterday for the “install appointment” which, as I understood it, was to involve nothing more than handing me the DSL modem and watching me plug it into the wall. So when he asked me how to gain access to my apartment complex’s telecommunications room, I was a little surprised.

I walked down to the manager’s office with the Covad guy and asked the ladies in the office if they knew where the telco room was and how we could gain access. We got some blank stares, but then one girl in the back said that only Verizon had keys to the telco room. The Covad guy, a fat, jolly character wearing a shirt emblazoned with the logo, went off on a highly technical rant about something or other and everyone’s eyes glazed over.

As it turns out, Mr. Covad Guy needs to get into that room for 30 seconds to connect some wires. Verizon is legally obligated to allow him to connect those wires. However, Verizon is not legally obligated to let him into their telco room. So if I want DSL, I have to call Verizon and somehow convince them to send their own technician out to make the changes. Furthermore, I’d probably end up having to pay Verizon something extra on top of what I’d be paying Speakeasy every month.

Fuck that. Comcast, here I come.