Name wonko's new kitty

kitty I have a kitty! I came home tonight and she was waiting for me, all cute and helpless and full of tiny little mew noises. Mom got her for me, for no reason at all other than that I guess she knew I wanted a cat. She has beautiful grey fur and is every bit as playful and curious as you’d expect a kitten to be. Problem is, now I’ve got to think up a name for her. I suck at naming things. I have a pet snake named Monkey. That’s how badly I suck at naming things.

Your mission, gentle reader, is to watch this short video of the kitty adjusting to her new home. Then, think up a name for her. Post it in a comment. If I like your choice, the kitty will get a name and you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve brought joy to a tiny kitten’s heart. Now go to it!

Update: Here’s another video of the kitty playing with a toy mouse. She’s sitting on my lap watching the screen with fascination as I type this. A few minutes ago I watched the video and she jumped out of my lap and onto my desk, where she sat with her eyes affixed to the screen until the video ended. I like this cat.

Update Part Deux: I’ve decided to name her Qubit. Thanks, Brunslo! The name fits her well, I think, because not only does she bounce around the room like a subatomic particle in an accelerator, she also likes to crawl into boxes. She seems to have a very keen grasp of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle as well.

Update Part Trois: Apparently kittens don’t sleep, and they never stop crying either. This should make for an interesting week.