Name wonko's new God-box

wonko's new file server I suppose it's sort of a tradition now for you guys to name things when I can't think of anything, so let's give it another shot. Over there on the right is a picture of my brand new file server. Click it for a bigger image.

This sleek technological marvel contains an AMD Athlon 2500, a Serial ATA RAID-5 array (500GB initial capacity, expandable to 3TB), a 10,000 RPM 36GB Serial ATA system drive, and dual power supplies (550W and 480W). Its primary mission will be file serving, with occasional secondary missions such as video editing and encoding, DVD burning, etc. It's solid as a tank and cold as ice. Each drive in the RAID array resides in its very own vibration padded aluminum hard drive cooler, complete with front panel fan speed control and digital temperature display.

I need a name that conveys a sense of ultimate badassery, preferably in three syllables or less. A name that paints a mental picture of sleek, shiny aluminum and radiant blue LEDs and endless storage capacity. A name that imparts all of this, yet is not silly or pretentious or too terribly hard to pronounce or spell. Super mega ultra bonus points if it's a geeky book/movie/TV reference.

Can you do it, readers? Will you rise to the task? Will you once again amaze me with your creativity and ingenuity? Please?

Update: Thanks to your wonderful suggestions, I've narrowed my choices down to Serenity (Brunslo, Eilonwy), Shaftoe (parasite), Mnemonic (GreyStork), and Ghostwheel (me). I'm having trouble deciding which one I like best, though.

'nother update: It was a tough decision, but Ghostwheel it is. The box is now up and running at full thrust and I won't have to worry about running out of hard drive space again for the next three months or so. Hooray!