My defective eyeballs

My eyeball. I went to the optometrist today for the first time ever. It was a long overdue visit. My vision's been getting blurrier and blurrier for years, which is the result of too much staring at computer screens and not enough staring at sunsets. Problem is, nobody will pay me to stare at sunsets.

After examining my eyes, the optometrist gave a sort of amused chuckle and explained that my eyes shouldn't be in the same head as each other. My right eye is shaped like a horizontal egg, while my left eye is shaped like a vertical egg. He says the right eye was probably genetically predisposed to be that way, and as my vision in that eye got worse, my left eye had to do more and more work, which caused the muscles to stretch it out of shape.

The result is that my right eye is basically worthless and my left eye is woefully nearsighted and is getting worse all the time since it's having to do all the work the right eye doesn't want to do.

So I'm getting glasses. Should have 'em next week. Yay me.