My car is titleless

A few months ago, when I still lived in California, I bought a new car. Last month I moved to Oregon and began the arduous task of registering my new car with the Oregon DMV.

Oregon requires that you submit the car’s original title along with the registration paperwork. Since I financed my car rather than buying it outright, the bank holds the title until I pay off the loan. This means I had to fill out all the DMV registration paperwork, then mail that paperwork to the bank (Chase) along with a letter asking them to pretty please mail the original title and the paperwork to the Oregon DMV.

Today I got a letter from Chase acknowledging my request but saying that they could not immediately comply because they don’t have the title to my car. According to the letter, the California DMV never sent Chase the title, and apparently Chase never noticed, so now they have to request it and wait at least 45 days for it to arrive, by which time I will have exceeded Oregon’s registration grace period and will be in violation of state law.

Is Monday over yet?