Mozilla Mail redirect bounty

Mozilla Mail is a wonderful mail client, except for one very important thing: it does not support redirecting of mail. Despite the fact that mail redirection has become a standard feature of most major mail clients, the Mozilla Mail team has completely ignored it.

Not only have they ignored it, they've ignored the users requesting it and the other developers who would love to implement it but don't know where to start. A user opened a bug nearly four years ago requesting this feature and even offering to implement it himself if someone would point him in the right direction, and still it hasn't been implemented. I even considered giving it a shot myself, but after digging through the Mozilla source for several hours, I've decided I hate the world and there's no way I'm touching it.

This feature is very important to me. Therefore, I am hereby offering $100 to the first person who implements a working mail redirect feature as per section 3.6.6 of RFC 2822, submits it for review to the Mozilla MailNews team, and gets it committed into the current Mozilla development tree. This offer stands whether you're a current Mozilla developer or a complete newcomer. All I care about is that the feature is implemented and in Mozilla so I can use it. There's more information about this issue at this Bugzilla bug.

If you succeed in implementing this and would like to collect your reward, email me. Include a copy of the Mozilla CVS changelog showing your patch being checked in, the names of the modified files, and what payment method you'd prefer. Thank you.

Update: This reward also applies if you get a redirect feature committed to the Thunderbird tree.

Update #2 (Feb 6, 2005): This bounty has been open for almost two years now, and there's still no redirect feature in Mozilla Mail or Thunderbird. There's now a third-party redirect extension for Thunderbird, but the goal of offering this bounty was to get the feature implemented in the core mail client itself. A modern email client simply is not complete without redirect capability, and a third-party extension (no matter how well it integrates) just doesn't cut it.

I am hereby withdrawing this bounty. When it's more important to the developers of a popular mail client to implement a half-assed RSS reader than a fundamental and frequently-requested feature like mail redirection, there's obviously something wrong.