Move along, nothing to see here

WonkoSlice has served its purpose. I’ve decided to kill it while it still has some small amount of dignity remaining.

What you see here now is what WonkoSlice was originally supposed to have been three years ago when it began: a raving temple of self-centered musings, anecdotes, and media; in short, a weblog. I hadn’t heard the word “weblog” back then, and the concept certainly wasn’t nearly as widespread as it is now. My utter laziness in achieving my goal (and thus my utter lack of guidance) resulted in WonkoSlice turning into a geek news site ala Slashdot. Occasionally, there were personal posts, but the majority of the site’s content consisted of short impersonal news summaries and opinions, with user discussions attached.

Over the years, WonkoSlice’s content has slowly morphed from geek news into basically whatever I thought was cool (or so stupid as to be hilarious), which resulted in a string of terrible crimes such as the “Software engineer fails to properly operate…” series and “Late Night with Barry and Eric”.

I found that I was having a lot more fun just doing silly things with friends and posting it for the sole benefit of allowing the rest of the world to laugh at us (whether out of entertainment or pity). Naturally, this meant that the site became more personal in nature. In addition to these changes, I became less interested in the science and tech news that had given the site its start (or maybe the news itself became less interesting), so news posts slowed considerably.

To put it simply, WonkoSlice was slowly dying. It had long since reached its peak, and most of the original contributors (including myself) had lost interest in it. Therefore I am officially retiring WonkoSlice and putting this domain to the use for which it was initially intended, and which I have already mentioned: being a weblog about the exciting life of yours truly, and the various side-topics that will naturally occur in the writings of someone with as many diverse interests as I have.

That said, this is the world wide web, and it wasn’t meant to be a big damn diary. Thus, what you read here, while often relating to personal experiences or ruminations, will not consist of stupid junior high gossip or angsty teen bullshit. My goal is still very much to entertain you ungrateful bloodsuckers, whether you like it or not, so stop groaning.

Besides, “WonkoSlice” is a stupid name for a website anyway.