Marie Callender's yummy frozen dinners

Perhaps the biggest drawback to living alone is having to fend for myself foodwise. When I lived with Steve and Lillis, both of whom cooked occasionally, it seemed like there was always something in the fridge to fill my belly. In an emergency, I would just go out to eat or throw some ramen in a pot.

Upon moving out recently, I found myself in a bind. Eating out is less of an option these days because, with the exception of Taco Bell, I’m trying to avoid fast food. And non-fast food is expensive. Cooking (even ramen) isn’t an option because:

  1. I can only cook like three things (including toast).
  2. I don’t yet have a toaster for making toast, nor do I have pots and pans in which to cook anything else.

Luckily, I have discovered Marie Callender’s frozen dinners. As you can see, my freezer is well-stocked. Normally I detest frozen dinners. They usually taste mediocre at best, the portions are either too small or too large, and they’re uber-expensive. But these Marie Callender’s dinners, by God, they are gems. Gems! Not particularly healthy or anything, but even so, they are super delicious and the portions are just right and at $3.79 a meal, the price ain’t bad.

I figure if I have two Pop Tarts and a Coke for breakfast, a self-made sammich for lunch, and a Marie Callender’s frozen dinner for supper every day, that’s around $67 a month in food costs, and all without me having to do any actual cooking aside from pressing some buttons on the microwave. That’s not bad at all!

Marie Callender, wherever you are, I love you. And, what’s this, you make yummy frozen pies too? Egad!