Love, thy name is Ruby

I taught myself Ruby over the weekend. Actually, it started with an idle visit to Why’s (Poignant) Guide to Ruby, which is such a beautiful work of genius that you can’t avoid learning Ruby once you start to read it.

To take my new knowledge for a test drive, I rewrote MusicSync in Ruby, taking full advantage of its elegance and rich standard library and fixing a few bugs in the process.

The Rubyfied MusicSync has fewer lines of code and is more than twice as fast as the PHP version. It was also a hell of a lot more fun to write. Plus, thanks to Exerb, I can now distribute MusicSync as a standalone Windows binary for those of you who don’t feel like installing a scripting language just to use a small utility.

I predict a long and rewarding relationship. I predict happiness, joy, long walks on the beach and, yes, perhaps even children.