Lime: Lightweight Mobile Email

After purchasing a Nokia 6600 to replace my old Sidekick, I tried without success to find a good, free, simple IMAP mail client for the phone. As it turned out, there just aren’t any good IMAP clients at all for the Symbian Series 60 platform, and the bundled mail client, while barely IMAP-capable, was too buggy and slow for my tastes.

So I whipped up Lime, a webmail interface suitable for use on my phone. Lime is small and simple, but it’s easy on the eyes and it gets the job done. I’ve been using it myself for a few months now and I figured I might as well release it for public consumption, since I’ve found it so handy.

Lime was written with the excellent NetFront mobile web browser in mind, but it will degrade gracefully for less capable browsers. You can use Lime to access any IMAP account, either unencrypted or via SSL. Lime will let you view messages in any of your subscribed IMAP folders, and it properly parses multipart/MIME messages with attachments (attachments aren’t downloadable or viewable, but Lime will display a list of the attachments and their file sizes).