If, like me, you've been wasting a lot of time on Jyte recently, you might enjoy this little hack I've cooked up. One feature Jyte doesn't provide (yet) is the ability to watch for new comments on claims that aren't your own. This makes it difficult to carry on discussions because the participants have to remember to keep checking the claims they're interested in to see if anyone has said something new.

I set out to fix this last night, and the result is JyteBot, a Jabber bot that keeps an eye on Jyte Spy and will notify you via Jabber whenever someone comments on a claim you're interested in.

To start using JyteBot, just add jytebot@gmail.com to your Jabber roster, then type help to see a list of available commands.

As I said, this was a pretty quick hack that I whipped up last night, so JyteBot may go down briefly every now and then while I work out the kinks. Nevertheless, I hope you'll find the service as useful as I do. Enjoy!