Jetpants to the rescue

The migration to the new server is nearly complete. We've got a real server now, in a real data center, with massive amounts of bandwidth and all of that fun stuff. And just how am I going to pay for this, you ask? Jetpants, that's how.

Yes, I've started a hosting company, and I'm calling it Jetpants. Well, technically it's not a company yet, but maybe someday. Anyway, the important thing is that most of the wonderful people I've been hosting for the last few years for free have agreed to pay me to host them to help offset the costs of the server. I'll still be eating a lot of the cost myself, but I hope to gradually host more and more people until the server begins to pay for itself. Someday I might even turn a profit, which would be a new thing for me.

The thing is, I don't want to offer hosting to just anyone. For now, I'd prefer to host people I know (or friends of people I know). I like the idea of slowly building a small community of people who know each other, rather than just a bunch of random strangers. So I've decided to do this by referral. You can't get hosted by Jetpants unless someone who's already hosted by Jetpants refers you.

If you need hosting, like the sound of $6.95 a month, and know someone already in the Jetpants cult (including me), keep an eye on for the details.