It's the future! Just look at the hospitals!

There are no flying cars, there are no holodecks, there are no laser guns, and there are no transporters…but by god there are big pretty hospitals.

I haven’t been past the waiting room in a hospital since I was a wee lad. I remember them being very drab places, lots of yellows and off-whites and slick tile floors and sometimes smells. Maybe the drabness had something to do with the hospitals I visited mostly being military hospitals. Anyway, today I had to visit the hospital to get some blood work done, and I was mightily impressed by how things have improved.

I don’t know how new Providence St. Vincent Medical Center is, but that place is swank. There were big carpeted lobbies that didn’t smell at all, and the walls were painted actual colors, and there were big wide open spaces everywhere. It felt sort of like a hospital set for a movie. Not some gritty TV drama like ER where people actually die and the doctors are all full of hate and some nut with a gun or a knife runs in once a season and kills a semi-important character. No, this hospital was like one you’d see in a movie about the future. It was like Starfleet Command or something. LCD screens on every desk. Sometimes three or four. People everywhere doing important things. Little flashing lights in strategic places. Genius!

Of course, none of this really helped improve the fact that I had to wait around for an hour for stuff to get done, but that’s beside the point. The point is, I now have solid proof that I live in the future! Ha!