I'm addicted to information

Hello, my name is Ryan and I am an infoholic.

Sometimes I stop and think about how much information my brain processes on a daily basis, and it’s pretty amazing. I feel like Johnny 5 from Short Circuit 2. If I’m not sucking in new input constantly, I get all restless and irritable. I hate mornings, not just because I have to wake up, but because I have to take a shower and brush my teeth and drive to work, and while I’m carrying out that boring routine I’m not getting any new information.

It’s damn near impossible for me to concentrate on tasks that don’t provide me with useful information. This is why I write so much software in my free time, but stop maintaining most of it after I’ve learned everything I can from it. Once I’ve stopped learning new things from a project, it becomes boring and frustrating and uninteresting.

I read so much random stuff on so many random websites every day that I can never remember where I read something, but chances are if there’s something on the ol’ Intertron that someone cares enough about to mention to me, I already know all about it.

I wish I could figure out a way to capitalize on that. I’d much rather get paid to gobble up information all day than to sit around writing boring code to do boring things that I got sick of doing years ago.