I want to taste New Coke

Back when the New Coke fiasco occurred in 1985, I was a wee tyke who hadn't yet had my first sip of that nectar of the gods, Coca-Cola. By the time my raging Coke addiction began, New Coke was little more than a legend.

However, Wikipedia informs me that New Coke (now dubbed Coke II) is still sold on the island of Yap and in American Samoa. That's intriguing as hell. Blind taste tests conducted in the years leading to New Coke's introduction showed that most people preferred the taste of New Coke over Classic Coke, so obviously I'm curious what it tastes like. Unfortunately, as you might imagine, the web isn't exactly overflowing with Yap-based online stores selling Coke II.

I must taste Coke II. Help me, Internets! You're my only hope.