I want a pony

I don’t know the first thing about horses, but I think that if I had a little pony to ride around on, that would be pretty cool. It would have to be no more than waist-high, so my feet would probably drag on the ground when I was riding it. But I’d get a tiny little saddle for it and a bridle and all that other horsey stuff, and then I’d ride it to work in the morning and it would leave little pony poops in the road for cars to drive over.

And since it would be so small, like a big dog, I could pretend to be blind and say it was my seeing-eye pony and then I could ride it in grocery stores and restaurants and places like that. Me and my seeing-eye pony, we would travel the world together, and everywhere we went people would say, “There goes that wonko and his seeing-eye pony. What a neat guy.”

Yeah. That would be cool.