I hate you, PayPal

I've been fighting with PayPal's Website Payments Pro API for the last week at work. If you're considering using PayPal for anything more than accepting basic payments through their website, here's my advice to you: kill yourself.

The documentation is disorganized, incomplete, and full of errors. The page numbers in the Website Payments Pro Integration Guide aren't even correct. Good luck finding chapter six on page 83; there is no chapter six (although there are two chapter fives), and page 83 is just a few pages after page 56 and a few pages before page 105.

If you're dumb enough to actually try to use the PHP SDK PayPal provides, you'll quickly discover that it doesn't work. At all. Until you completely disable error reporting, that is. And even then, chances are it still won't work because the documentation doesn't provide instructions on how to use it correctly and the one example (which is mentioned nowhere, and can only be found by manually poking through the directory structure of the downloaded SDK) doesn't even work.

I use PayPal's standard payment system to accept Jetpants subscription payments and it works fine, but for godssake, do yourself a favor and stay away from their so-called "professional" API. There's nothing professional about it.