How to gain a customer in one easy step

My first choice for Jetpants' new colocation provider fell through yesterday when I discovered that they wanted to charge me double just to provide an additional network drop for the server's remote access card (which I'll probably use once every six months or so). I'd have understood charging a small additional monthly fee for the extra connection, but charging me for an additional unit of rack space and a terabyte of bandwidth was unacceptable. I tried to negotiate, but they wouldn't budge an inch. So screw 'em. If that's the kind of service they provide, I'm not interested.

I've been emailing other companies all day asking for quotes, but none had responded until this afternoon, when I sent an email to Simpli Hosting and got a response within minutes saying that they'd be happy to provide an extra network drop free of charge. Guess who's getting my business?