Hollywood Crack Exchange

I’m addicted to the Hollywood Stock Exchange.

Ages ago, I created an account there and goofed around with it for a few days, made some long-term investments, and then forgot about it. Recently, I logged in again and was surprised to find that my investments had paid off and my portfolio had seen a gain of over 200%. I patted myself on the back, liquidated some of the profits, and set about expanding my portfolio.

I bought a crapload of shares in Elf at about $65 a share on a hunch. I watched with fascination as good reviews for the movie began rolling in and the stock shot up to over $100 a share, netting me a hefty return on my investment. Of course, after seeing this happen, I couldn’t bring myself to peel my eyes off my portfolio. Spurred by a few incredibly good reviews of Master and Commander, I bought a bunch of that, and it too rocketed upwards.

That was a few days ago. Ever since then, I’ve been unable to tear myself away for more than a few hours. The sheer thrill of making incredible amounts of imaginary money by trading shares in movies, which I absolutely love and know tons about, as opposed to, say, corporations, which I don’t particularly like and know nothing about, has me addicted. It doesn’t help that the HSX never closes, so I could literally “daytrade” around the clock. What’s more, HSX is an extremely detailed and realistic market simulation (although with a few important differences from real stock exchanges), with a huge community of wizened, established traders (some of whom are bigtimers in real markets as well). This means there’s gobs and gobs of stuff just begging to be learned, and I’m a sucker for learning things.

Steve suggested that I invest in some real stocks. It’s a tempting prospect, but I doubt I’d do nearly as well in real life as I have in the virtual market of HSX. It’s a shame, too. I’ve made a few million imaginary bucks this week, and that’d buy a helluva lotta pies if they were real world dollars.

P.S. You all had better go see Master and Commander this weekend. I mean it.