Header photos

I recently added a bunch of new random header photos to the site and it occurred to me that even though they've been up there for years, I've never actually mentioned them in a blog post.

So, for the curious: the header photos are the product of a Ruby script that sifts through the thousands of photos I've taken since I bought my first digital camera way back in the 20th century. It creates a 720x170 crop of a randomly-chosen section of each image. Then I go through the resulting mess and manually weed out anything that isn't interesting. There are currently 127 photos in the pool, one of which is displayed at random on each pageview.

In addition to providing a bit of dynamic color for the page, they have the pleasing effect of triggering fond memories each time I look at my website. Since this tends to be one of the first and last websites I look at every day, that can be rather soothing.