Ghostwheel's growing pains

Ghostwheel is nearing its 500GB storage capacity, so I bought another 250GB drive to add to the RAID array. Unfortunately, I’ve run into a terrible problem. When I bought the RAID controller, I just assumed it supported online capacity expansion since I had never used a RAID controller that didn’t. Sadly, it appears that in order to add my new drive to the array, I’ll have to delete and recreate the entire array, which means losing all my data.

I’ve spent all afternoon trying to come up with ways to back up my data. I bugged Loren about it for an hour or two. I even looked into backing stuff up onto MiniDV tape (which didn’t work out). My only options at this point appear to be:

  1. Buy a tape backup drive and a shit ton of tapes.
  2. Loren’s suggestion: Buy a RAID controller that supports OCE, then buy another new hard drive. Backup my data onto the two new hard drives, rebuild my 3-disk array using the new controller, restore my data, then add the two new disks to the new array.

The problem, of course, is that both solutions are going to be incredibly expensive. Meanwhile, Ghostwheel’s free disk space is gradually diminishing.