Future, here I come

Linksys Boxes Yesterday I got the super-gadgety Wireless-G Game Adapter that I had ordered from Amazon. It works well with my existing 802.11b network, but video playback via my PlayStation 2 and QCast was a little choppy, so today I went and bought a Wireless-G Access Point to smooth things out a bit.

The WAP54G came with a handy wall-mount/stacking bracket that nicely allows me to seamlessly stack my two big Linksys access points under my tiny Linksys 8-port switch. The switch’s smaller footprint had been pissing me off, since it meant it wouldn’t stack well on my other components, but now everything is perfectly in tune and working flawlessly. So many flashing LEDs! It’s beautiful.

So yeah. Still haven’t tested the game adapter with the new access point because Barry and Lillis are watching Spaced Invaders, but tonight will be the ultimate test: movie night, with all the movies streaming wirelessly from my computer in the other room. WATCH OUT FUTURE, HERE I COME.

Update: The future, she is a bitch. No luck getting the WGA54G working. The only way it’ll even connect to the access point is if the AP is using open system authentication with WEP off. Even then, it only connects when I’m testing it with the laptop. As soon as I plug it into the PS2, it stops seeing the network.

I hate technology.

Another Update: Woke up today and plugged the thing in and it started working. I didn’t even change anything. What’s up with that?